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18 thoughts on “Hotel Reviews

  • Mitchell Prior

    Hi my friend and I are looking at booking a trip in early October. Is this a good time of year for swell and winds?

  • Jill Jones

    Great hotel in an amazing spot. The staff were lovely and accommodating and Paul was a fantastic host- he was a huge help in getting us there and away. We had a great time here, no waves out the front but plenty of waves to be had less than a ten min ride away, and it’s close to lots of great local food in Maluk. Would recommend the hotel to anyone heading to beautiful West Sumbawa.

  • Tyler Doo

    Supersuck Hotel is the best place to stay in West Sumbawa. Uncle Paul will hook it up! Cheers for the great stay. It was rooooopin’ brah

  • Jerry

    I have stayed here many times. This place is da bomb.. Best spot ever.. Wives out front cold beers and wild wborrs in the clubs.. 2015 Its on..

  • Luke Stedman

    Had an awesome time staying with Pete at the Super Suck Hotel. If your priority is to surf an epic wave that you need to keep on eye on as the tide plays a big part you need to stay here. This was my first trip to the suck and it will not be my last and I will be staying at the Super Suck Hotel.

  • Nick

    This place is insane! Go here for a pristine bay, beautiful water, shallow barrels, relaxing atmosphere, and good stories and laughs from Paul and good vibes from the smiling, friendly local staff. The beauty of the surroundings will take care of you. Do not go here for $5 a day feral camping missions… Also do not go here expecting to be catered to with 5 star western resort amenities – it’s not Bali and that’s what makes it special. Be mellow, share the waves, leave your ego at home – have a great time! And don’t forget your first aid kit!!

  • burleighboy

    Always a pleasure to stay at the hostel with pak Paul and crew.was there for the ground breaking ceremony in 2005 and stayed there when it opened in 2006.it always has had generator power and the place is pretty much the same as it was when it opened,bar a coat of paint

      • burleighboy

        pressed comment when I hadn’t finished..anyone who thinks they are gunna get the red carpet in Indo for $30 a nite these days are tripping..its 2015,not 1975…what price would you put on a session at the Suck and then a chill on the best balcony in the world with a cold beer…also the day pass of $10 to pRk your car,have something to eat and a beer is beyond value

  • Neville

    Remarkable place,Waves are perfection,Beer is Cold,Hotel is Cool,Hospitality is Warm,Food is great…I will be back again and again!!!!!

  • Tony

    I think $30 a night isn’t asking too much,especially when the swell is on, World class seemingly endless barrels at the front door! I have stayed the last couple of seasons for swells since the Hotel reopened and many times since the place first opened. Always had awesome times. Good really good waves, good food, good people! Never had an issue. Yes it is West Sumbawa, a more isolated part of the world so of course electricity runs by generator and so on. If having electricity only for part of the day / night is such a worry maybe just stay back in Bali. If you get what your pay for im in a bit of debt , don’t think I could put a price on the barrels ive scored , friendships I have formed with other surfers and the staff that keep this place running and deal with the whinging whiney type like ic below. If you want luxurious resort style accommodation you wont find it in West Sumbawa. If you want 5 star barrels at your doorstep, there is no better place to stay! But remember bring respect, manners ,a good vibe and patience to avoid feeling like everyone has “ego” problems. Selemat tingal.

  • Tony

    Best place to stay in west sumbawa. Right on the spot. Beautiful ocean and sunset views.
    Good food and very nice staff.
    I recomend to all my friends and core surfers.

  • anthony ruffo

    this place rocks ..great food great rooms and good fuckn people!!!..the surf spot aiont to bad either!!!….super suck paul is an OG… so dont fuck aroud…love and respect the place and youll get the same!!

  • Paul

    Appreciate the comment about the theft, most likely you’re one of the people that lost a bike but I don’t know for sure…Unfortunately theft does occur all throughout Indonesia which is sad but also is part of the deal here…The bikes were indeed stolen & the owners did pay for the most of the bikes. We also did not charge the “guests” for room stay while at the hotel…This is why SuperSuck Hotel is no longer willing to cater to backpackers or Cheap Surfers & we suggest ALL buy Travelers Insurance…The people that got the bikes stolen were all on the cheap had no insurance & basically looking for the absolute cheapest accommodations & we agree, please stay in Maluk Village & walk in from Maluk…Unfortunately Sumbawa gets a lot of the “I’m here on a budget, I should be able to stay here for $10 dollars a day including food & beer” type of traveler but this is changing…We have MANY guests that are willing to pay more for an absolute beach front, clean Hotel stay…To the scrub surfers we say “your 1972 version of Lonely Planet is out-dated, if you can not bring something with you when traveling the solution is simple, STAY HOME!!!” We have initiated a Day Pass of 150.000rp to park at the Hotel & have hired more security along with making a deal with the local police…SuperSuck Hotel is has 275 meters of beach-front exposure and putting up a wall would be the only way to keep the “maling (thieves)” from coming in…Thieves have come to this part of Sumbawa in the past to steal (not joking) cows, we have fenced the property to keep cows off. Thank you very much for the comment as we are now convinced that the only way to operate this Hotel at this amazing spot is to cater to people that have earned the right to be here…By that, we mean people that appreciate the fact this is a business and not a hostel & the room rates next season will reflect our position…Yes many people will not like this message & those that don’t we appreciate you not coming as the people that DO APPRECIATE it know they are going to have a much better time without you anyway…

  • jake

    I”Ve been traveling to and surfing west sumbawa for the last 20 years. And have loved most of my experiences In and out of the water.Super suck being in many respects an a++ wave, which has most recently blown up on the surf map.I have also been staying at the super suck hotel for about 10 years(at different times)..and have seen it and indonesia in general massively change.One thing remains the same the beach the location and the vibe is still magic. The hotel offers the opportunity to stay on the beach and enjoy this incredible spot…with consistant food and good accommodation on the beach and in line of sight of the wave firing down the reef. I also have been doing business and living in indonesia for a dozen years and know the issues living and working under indonesian conditions “not easy is fkn understatement” so to read some of the comments on this feed I scatch my head and ask what planet are most of these people from
    Wake up and smell the coffee
    We are not in Kansas anymore donkeys
    As the owner stated please take your sorry story and head
    Into maluk and find alternative accommodation
    Don’t complain whine or act like a dickhead
    Everything said and done
    I for one am stoked that the hotel has the policy it has because it’s needed
    Thanks to the crew at the super suck hotel