How to Get Here


The best ways to get from Bali to Sumbawa...

Driving car/motor bike from Bali:
Drive to Padang Bai Bali (3 hours from Kuta)...Take the car ferry from Bali to Lombok (5 hours, about $70USD), drive across Lombok to Kayangan port Lombok (3 hours)...Take car ferry to Poto Tano Sumbawa (2 hours, about $40USD)...Drive south to Maluk (1.5 hours)...Hotel is in Maluk...It's a long haul, takes all day but you will have your car/bike with you...

Call your local travel agent or ask friends, there are many options & there is a bus depot in Maluk...You can bring surfboards!

Fly to Lombok airport via Bali (40 minutes, about $40 USD)...We can arrange to have you picked up at Lombok airport...Lombok airport to Harbor (1.5 hours, about $35USD)....Driver will take you to the Fast Boat which goes to Benete port (1.5 hours about $15USD)...We pick you up in Benete, 20 minutes from Hotel...This is FAST, about 5 hours total...You can bring surfboards!
You can always call us if you need/want assistance getting to the hotel...

SuperSuck Hotel, West Sumbawa, Indonesia

Travel through Maluk and after about 1km turn right at this turnoff

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